Welcome to the Health & Dental Insurance Tutorial

What is it?

Health & Dental Insurance is a way for people to save on health care costs not covered by their provincial government plan. Expenses like prescription drugs, dental care, hearing aids, vision care and massage therapy can create a hefty price tag – but our plans can help them save on those and more.

Depending on a client’s needs, you can recommend two Manulife Health & Dental Insurance products: Flexcare® or FollowMe™ Health. You’ll learn more about the difference between these products as you make your way through this tutorial.

What’s in it for you?

There’s a huge market for Health & Dental Insurance, so there are plenty of potential clients just waiting for you to recommend a plan. With this fun and informative tutorial, we’re going to take you on a tour from your desk to the many areas that Health & Dental Insurance covers so you can find out why you should sell it, what you can sell, who you should sell it to, how to sell it and where to go from there.

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