Selling Manulife Travel Insurance

Everything you need to know to make the sale – quickly and easily!

What is it?

It is an affordable way for clients to ensure they’re covered for emergency medical costs while travelling.

Depending on the nature of their travel, they can choose from Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians or Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada.

What’s in it for you?

There’s no shortage of potential clients when you’re selling travel insurance. With 31.6 million Canadians forecasted to make outbound leisure trips by 2016,* combined with the high cost of medical care in many foreign countries, travel insurance is becoming more and more important.

For visitors to Canada and new immigrants without government health coverage, travel insurance is equally important.

So make sure that when your clients are travelling, they purchase Manulife Travel Insurance from you – with commissions of up to 35%!

Embark on a journey of your own – a journey to a travel insurance sale.
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* The Conference Board of Canada. Outlook for Outbound Leisure Travel: Summer 2012. Second Look at Summer 2012.