Travel Plans

Do you have a client studying abroad or in another Canadian province/territory, or an international student studying in Canada? Manulife Financial Travel Insurance for Students enables them to get coverage for up to $2 million in benefits if a medical emergency strikes unexpectedly.

Manulife offers travel insurance plans for full-time students, including:

  • International Students studying in Canada;
  • Canadian Students studying abroad;
  • Canadian Students studying in Canada but outside their principal province of residence.

Note: To be eligible, the student must be under the age of 45. Any Canadian student must be covered under a government health insurance plan from a Canadian province or territory to apply. It is the student's responsibility to ensure continued coverage under the government health insurance plan of their province/territory of permanent residence.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical Benefits*

Up to a maximum aggregate of $2 million for emergency medical and non-medical coverage for covered risks.

Emergency Medical Benefits

  • Hospital expenses - up to the maximum aggregate for
    • 60 days hospitalization for injury or illness.
    • 30 days hospitalization for psychiatric care.
    • Out-patient and emergency department services.
  • Physician services - plus up to 5 follow-up visits.
  • Diagnostic services.
  • Private duty nurse - up to $10,000.
  • Ambulance transportation - up to $5,000.
  • Prescription drugs - up to 30 days supply.
  • Paramedical services - up to $70 per visit up to a combined maximum of $700.
  • Emergency dental treatment
    • accidental injury - up to $2,500.
    • relief of pain - up to $100.
    • per extracted wisdom tooth - up to $250.
  • Psychiatric care - up to $5,000.
  • Trauma counselling - up to 6 sessions.
  • Medical appliances.
  • Emergency evacuation home - up to $100,000.
  • Family transportation to bedside and subsistence allowance - up to $4,500.
  • Preparation and return of mortal remains - up to $25,000.
  • Tuition reimbursement - up to $5,000.
  • Trip break - up to 21 consecutive days without termination of coverage.

Please note: For Canadians travelling abroad, if the claim is a result of an act of terrorism, this benefit may be limited.

Wellness Benefits

  • Annual medical examination - up to $100
  • Annual eye examination

Accidental death or dismemberment - up to $10,000

Coverage is not available for individuals:

  • Travelling against medical advice;
  • Requiring kidney dialysis;
  • Who have used home oxygen anytime during the twelve (12) months before the date of application;
  • Who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than two (2) years to live.

Please note that anyone who wishes to be included under Family Coverage must also meet the above eligibility requirements.

Also, to be eligible for insurance under this policy, individuals must be:

  • Under the age of 45; and
    • a full-time student with proof of admission or enrolment in a recognized institute of learning; or
    • a student completing post-doctoral research in a recognized institute of learning; or
    • dependant(s) and/or the spouse of, and residing with, a student covered under this insurance and named on the application; and
  • Purchasing coverage:
    • for an inbound trip, when the home country is not Canada and they are temporarily residing in Canada; or
    • for an outbound trip, when the home country is Canada, and they are covered under a Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan while temporarily residing outside Canada, or
    • as a national student, when the home country is Canada, and they are covered under a Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan while temporarily residing in another Canadian province or territory.

Students who stay at their destination between semesters can re-apply for coverage as long as they have proof of enrolment in the following semester.

Pre-existing condition exclusions

This policy will not pay any expenses or benefits relating to:

  • A pre-existing condition that has not remained stable in the three (3) months before the effective date.
  • Any pre-existing condition of a covered dependant that was not stable in the three (3) months before the date the dependant became covered under this policy.
  • For covered dependants under two (2) years of age, any medical condition related to a birth defect whether genetic, acquired, or congenital.

Pre-existing condition means an injury, illness or symptom that exists before the effective date of insurance.

Stable means a medical condition for which:

  • there have not been any new symptom(s); and
  • existing symptom(s) have not become more frequent or severe; and
  • a physician has not determined that the medical condition has become worse; and
  • no test findings have shown that the medical condition may be getting worse; and
  • a physician has not provided, prescribed, or recommended any new medication, any change in medication; and
  • a physician has not provided, prescribed or recommended any investigative testing, new treatment or any change in treatment; and
  • there has been no admission to a hospital or referral to a specialty clinic or specialist; and
  • a physician has not advised referral to a specialist or further testing, and there has been no testing for which the results have not yet been received.


  • The policyholder may cancel this insurance at any time before the effective date.
  • A policyholder returning home early can apply for a refund of the premiums (minimum $50) for the unused coverage, providing no incident has resulted or will result in a claim or for which a claim was started against the policy and that the policyholder mailed the written refund request within 5 days of the departure from Canada (within 5 days of the return home, for Canadians).
  • For a refund to be possible, all travellers insured under the same policy must return together.


If coverage is already in place, the traveller can simply call the Assistance Centre. They may be able to extend their coverage as long as:

  • the period of coverage does not extend beyond 365 days;
  • they remain eligible for insurance under this plan;
  • Manulife has received the extension requests before the expiry date of the existing policy we issued; and
  • there has been no change between single or family coverage.

Note: For policy extensions, no losses, expenses or benefits will be paid for any illness or injury which first appeared, whether diagnosed or not, or for which treatment may or may not have been received before the effective date of the extension of coverage under this policy.


For a single applicant

  • The premium rate is applicable to each day of coverage.
  • For National Students studying in another province or territory in Canada, the rate will be 50% less than the rate for a single applicant.

For family coverage (available for spouse and dependent children when all family members reside together and are under age 45)

  • The rate is two times the single applicant's rate.

Note: All applicants must be under the age of 45, and coverage must not exceed 365 days.

  • Premium rate is in $CDN per person.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Number of coverage days must include:
    • The date of departure;
    • The date of return; and
    • The number of days in-between.
  • Coverage will not take effect if the applicant's method of payment is not honoured when presented for payment.
  • The minimum age for dependent children covered under a family plan is 30 days old. The maximum age for dependent children is under twenty-one (21) years of age. See policy for details.

Savings & Deductibles

50% national student savings when this plan is purchased for coverage while studying in another province or territory in Canada.

Family coverage for any Emergency Medical Plan is available for the traveller's spouse and dependent children (between 30 days and 21 years of age) subject to eligibility requirements, when all family members are under age 45. The rate is calculated at 2x the premium for one person.

Deductible Options

Deductible savings options are not offered under the Manulife Financial Travel Insurance for Students Plan.

Important Reminders for your clients:

  • The Wallet Card is found in the policy.
  • The Wallet Card and Manulife Financial Travel Insurance policy should be kept with the insured at all times when traveling.
  • The policy includes telephone numbers in case of a medical emergency or if an extension of coverage is required.

Don't forget to tell your client...

  • If coverage is not arranged prior to the effective date, coverage begins on the day following Manulife's or the advisor/agent's receipt of the completed application form and payment. In the event we are unable to process payment, coverage will not be in effect.
  • To contact the Assistance Centre before receiving treatment while on a trip. Manulife Financial Travel Insurance has a 20% coinsurance provision that may limit the benefits if a call is not received. In addition, specific covered benefits may be limited or not covered if the Assistance Centre has not been contacted.
  • Immediate access to the Assistance Centre is also available through its TravelAid mobile app. To download the app, visit: http://Active- The TravelAid mobile app can also provide you with directions to the nearest medical facility, local Emergency telephone numbers (such as 911 in North America), and pre- and post-departure travel tips.
  • To read the policy with particular attention to "pre-existing condition" and "hospitalization for a pre-existing condition" and other exclusions that apply to the coverage.
  • They may be required to provide proof of coverage. Always carry their policy, wallet card or confirmation of coverage with them.

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