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  • What does my government plan cover?
    Every province and territory has a different health plan. However, the following are usually not covered by government health insurance plans:
    • Prescription drugs*
    • Dental check-ups and treatment
    • Hospital stays
    • Specialized care, including speech therapists or pathologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and many more
    • Homecare and nursing
    • Medical supplies and equipment
    • Emergency medical health treatment for travellers
    • Personal emergency response
    • Hearing aids
    • Accidental death and dismemberment
    • Catastrophic coverage

    Your province may outline coverage on their website.

    * For Quebec residents, the prescription drug coverage available under this plan is limited to costs not covered by the RAMQ Prescription Drug Insurance Plan. It is not intended to be a replacement for the RAMQ Plan. In order to be eligible for coverage under this plan, you must have a provincial health card and be registered under the RAMQ Prescription Drug Insurance Plan or have equivalent coverage under a group plan.
  • Why should I get health insurance if I'm healthy?
    No one likes to think about the possibility of having serious health issues. Unfortunately, if an accident or illness were to happen to you or a member of your family, the cost of medication, treatment and other expenses could add up to a considerable amount. Even treatment for common illnesses, like medication for back pain or therapy for a sprain, can be costly. Supplemental health insurance can help cover medical costs that may not be covered by your provincial health plan.

    While critical illnesses such as cancer,¹ stroke and heart attacks² are the three leading causes of death in Canada, there are many common illnesses such as back problems, diabetes, epilepsy or high cholesterol that may also have significant financial consequences.
  • I have other financial priorities. Why should I get supplemental health insurance?
    Every year, you could pay thousands of dollars in unexpected medical and dental expenses if you don't have a health plan. You could also be especially financially vulnerable in the event you suffer a serious illness or injury. Or you could end up having to use up your savings on private care, because your government health insurance plan, unfortunately, may only offer limited coverage for home nursing care and in-home assistance.

    From only dollars a day, you can have comprehensive coverage that you and your family simply shouldn't be without. And, if you're self-employed or are an employee of your own business, health and dental premiums may be a non-taxable benefit and a tax deductible expense. For others, the premiums may qualify as a medical expense and create a tax credit.
  • Should I really have supplemental health insurance when I'd only make a few claims a year?
    Although the dental, drug and vision components of a health plan are typically the most used benefits, the long term value lies in the comfort of knowing that you have supplemental health insurance that may help beyond what the government health system provides.
  • Do the Dental Plans cover wisdom teeth removal?
    Wisdom teeth removal falls under oral surgery (extensive services). Procedures related to oral surgery require x-rays and a treatment plan to be submitted to Manulife for assessment by your dentist before any work or treatment begins. You will then be advised of the eligibility of the treatment.
  • Do I have to answer a medical questionnaire?
    The Base Health & Dental plan requires no medical questionnaire at the time of application, nor do any of the four Dental (with basic health) plans, so your acceptance is guaranteed provided that you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Is medical travel insurance necessary when travelling within Canada?
    Government health insurance plans do have limits on the reimbursement of the emergency medical expenses incurred while in another province. For example, air and ground ambulance costs, emergency dental treatment and prescription drugs might not be covered outside your province of residence. For maximum protection, you can purchase additional medical coverage even while travelling within Canada.
  • What exactly is the Health Service Navigator® service that is included with the Health & Dental Plans?
    With Health Service Navigator, you and your eligible family members can quickly and easily get answers to your questions and access to support services. It is easily accessible online or simply by calling a dedicated toll-free line. Once you're connected to Health Service Navigator, you can receive information, medical coordination services and resources on how to navigate the Canadian health care system. And, if you want a second opinion from a world-class hospital, Health Service Navigator can help you get it.
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    2Heart & Stroke Foundation, 2014 report on the health of Canadians, page 3

    ¥Manulife cannot guarantee the availability of Health Service Navigator but will make reasonable efforts to provide a similar benefit if necessary.