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The CoverMe collection of articles discusses a wide range of topics, offering valuable ideas, tips and insights for establishing and maintaining a secure and healthy lifestyle.

A Visit to the Travel Clinic

Protect your health while traveling -- visit a travel clinic for vaccinations and advice. Here's what to expect and how to prepare for your visit.


Common Myths about Health Insurance

Many people don't believe they need supplemental health insurance-they think their provincial plan will cover them, they are confident in their good health, or they have other financial commitments they have placed as a higher priority. Find out how supplemental health insurance helps to protect your finances.


How to Be a Fit Flyer

Travel in general, and air travel in particular, can be unhealthy and uncomfortable-but it doesn't have to be. Get some tips on staying fit and healthy on the road or in the sky.


Insuring a Healthy and Safe Trip

Going away? Here are some tips on purchasing travel insurance, and a checklist to help make sure your trip is a healthy and safe one.


Putting the Cuffs on Hypertension

Learn about monitoring your blood pressure at home and get some tips on doing it effectively.


The Skinny on Cholesterol

What is cholesterol, exactly? Get the facts about this fat-based substance, along with some tips on lowering "bad" cholesterol levels.


Taking Control of Your Cancer Risk

Learn how to decrease your risk of cancer.


Tax Saving Potential

Did you know that if you're self-employed, or an employee of your own business, your supplemental health and dental plan could essentially pay for itself?


Three Strikes: Smoking, Drinking, and Obesity

A Harvard study found that these are the three greatest risk factors affecting people in high-income countries, like Canada. How can you reduce your cancer risk on these fronts?


What the Government Covers

A quick overview of what your provincial government health plan covers.