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Easy Issue Life Insurance for Canadian Residents

CoverMe Easy Issue Life Insurance

Coverage that's easy to understand, easy to apply for and easy to get

Looking for reliable, no medical life insurance? If you are between 18 and 70 and apply for the CoverMe Easy Issue Life insurance plan, all you have to do is answer "no" to two simple health-related questions to be eligible for your choice of either $50,000 or $75,000 of coverage.

There is no lengthy health questionnaire or medical exam when you apply, giving you an easy, trouble-free way to leave your loved ones an extra financial cushion to fall back on.

Your premiums will not increase for the next 10 years, your coverage will never decrease - even if your health changes, and you can keep this valuable protection up until age 85.

Plan Features

No medical life insurance that's easy to apply for
If you are a Canadian resident between the ages of 18 and 70 you only have to answer two simple health-related questions when you apply.

Choice of coverage amounts
You can choose the coverage amount that's right for you and your budget - either $50,000 or $75,000.

No waiting period
You are protected from the day we approve your completed application and receive your first premium payment.

Significant savings for non-smokers
Non-smokers enjoy at least 50% lower premiums.

Premiums will not increase for 10 years
Knowing that your premiums will not go up for the next 10 years - guaranteed - makes this insurance easy to plan for.

Coverage will never decrease
Unlike some life insurance plans, your coverage will not decrease as you get older - guaranteed.

Coverage is renewable up to age 85
Your coverage is guaranteed renewable up to age 85 - regardless of any changes in your health.

Coverage can never be cancelled
We can never cancel your coverage for any reason, as long as your premiums are paid.

No medical exams or questions when coverage renews
Your coverage will renew in 10 years, at your new age-based rate - no medical questions asked.

Living Benefit included - at no extra cost
You will be eligible to receive a compassionate one-time cash advance of up to 50% of your life insurance coverage if you are diagnosed as terminally ill with 12 months or less to live.1

Choice for your Beneficiary
Your beneficiary isn't taxed on the benefit amount. They can use the lump-sum payment towards final expenses and funeral costs, outstanding debts and loans, living expenses...The choice will be theirs.

Flexible payment options
Choose the payment method that suits you best: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or direct monthly withdrawal from your chequing account by Pre-Authorized Debit.

Earn AIR MILES« reward miles
When you pay your premiums monthly by credit card or pre-authorized debit, you have the opportunity to collect AIR MILES« reward miles every year as a CoverMe Easy Issue Life policyholder.

Applying is fast and easy
Unlike many other life insurance plans, when you apply for CoverMe Easy Issue Life insurance plan, no lengthy health questionnaire or medical exam is required. Apply online in the comfort of your home, when it's convenient for you.

1To be eligible for the Living Benefit, your policy must have been in force for at least two years.

Qualifying for coverage is easy!

If you are a Canadian resident between 18 and 70 years of age, you only have to answer "no" to these two simple questions:
  1. Have you been diagnosed with a life threatening, critical or terminal condition for which your physician has estimated you have 24 months or less to live? and
  2. Within the past 3 years, have you had any indication of, or been treated for:
    • any heart disorder or blood vessel disorder, chest pains or heart murmur
    • metastatic cancer
    • a chronic infection or immune deficiency disorder, including HIV; or
    • any disorder of the brain or disorder of the nervous system?
You can apply right online. Or give us a call to apply over the phone in just minutes.
Applying for CoverMe Easy Issue Life insurance couldn't be easier!

Apply before your birthday and save

Life insurance premiums are based on your gender, smoking status and your age. Apply now, before your next birthday - and you'll save money by locking in at the lower premium for the next 10 years.

Satisfaction guaranteed - or your money back!

Once you receive your CoverMe Easy Issue Life insurance policy, review it carefully. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return your policy to Manulife within 30 days of the issue date and your entire premium will be promptly refunded. No questions asked.

Limitations & Exclusions

Benefits will not be paid where death results from suicide within two years of the effective date of the policy. In such cases, total premiums paid will be returned without any interest adjustment.

CoverMe Easy Issue Life Important Notice

This is not a contract. Actual terms and conditions are detailed in the policy issued by Manulife upon final application approval. It contains important details concerning exclusions, conditions and limitations. Please review them carefully upon receipt.